14 October 2011

Mango sponge mousse layer cake

 There were a few stories I had in mind for this post
One, was how this doesn't fit in with the fall/thanksgiving/halloween mood everyone else is experiencing. Two, was how much I love reading other fellow (not-to-mention superior) food bloggers! Hence, seeing as everyone is with their apples, cobblers and puddings, let's do something different here in the tropical country! Three, was the vast number of Mango cakes sold in every cake store, yet not too many a solid recipe posted on the internet. Thus,  my believe that my friend is out to test me and my skills.

Then I chose this story. A story of what i've gotten myself into when i decided i was able to bake layered cakes. Frostings! Frostings! Frostings! I love simple frosted cakes. Those with 7 different types of fruits and 8 different piping methods, they're not my cup of coffee. Most likely because I love cream but I know they're bad (for my hips) and so my conscience tells me that cream tastes bad. And remember how i suck at frosting?! I still do. But i ain't givin' up.

 My point is, I don't really have one. The reason for this blog was just to journalise what i've accomplished, do what i've been loving to do, pursuing to be what i want to be. Conquering each and every ingredient possible (not a fan of mango mousse or mango cake- purely under the request of a friend) and meanwhile, if i'm able to meet some new friends, and make the old ones go gaga, wouldn't that just be a treat?!
Let's head to the cake! For the sponge, I've decided to entrust myself with Japanese sponge cake. The recipe I used is from Youtube - Cooking with dog

Sponge Cake -
150g Eggs (3 medium) 100g Sugar 90g Cake Flour 15g Unsalted Butter 1 tbsp Milk
1. Preheat oven to 160 degrees C and line an 8" cake pan, bottom and sides with parchment paper. (Tip: prepare hot water and prepare ingredients)
2. Beat the eggs with a hand-mixer and immediately add sugar. Place bowl on top of hot water and beat for 1-2 minutes, until pale. Test the batter and make sure it isn't too hot.
3. Remove from hot water, meanwhile, add milk to the butter and place it on top of hot water to let it melt.
4. Continue beating the egg & sugar to soft peaks (3 - 3.5 minutes)
5. Sift cake flour into the egg mixture and fold (not more than 30 times)
6. When butter is melted, pour into the egg mixture and fold until incorporated, batter should be glossy and smooth.
7. Pour batter into the prepared cake tin and tap the cake pan on the counter several times to remove air bubbles.
8. Bake at 160 C for 23 minutes.
9. Test with bamboo stick to see if it is done, then place parchment paper on top and overturn the cake. Make sure the cake is cooled in the cake pan (keeps cake moist)

Mango mousse
Whipping cream 350ml

3 – 4 tbsp icing sugar
Mango Puree 300g Diced mango cubes 200g (optional) Gelatin Sheet /powder 17g Rum 1 tbsp
1. Puree mango while chilling all whipping utensils (bowl, whisk attachment)
2. Mix gelatine in hot water (60ml) until completely dissolved.
3. Add gelatine to puree mango (room temp)
4. Mix whipping cream with sugar until it is whipped.
5. Add puree mango and mix (do not over-mix, whipping cream will separate)
6. Chill for 30-40 minutes (don't worry, it will) to set it to spreading consistency

1. Cut the cool to room temp cake into two layers. 
2. Pour enough mango mousse on top of the bottom layer, drop some mango chunks/squares (evenly) and cover it with another layer of mango mousse.
3. Cover with the top layer of cake, spread more mango mousse on top and at the sides. Some inspiration here would be great! 

Try it out,


  1. Oh, that looks absolutely delicious! Really light and fluffy. I can join your 'I suck at frosting' club, as it frustrates me enormously! You've done a great job here though :-)

  2. Jesica, this cake looks so impressive. I have been looking for a mango cake recipe for ages so thank you for posting this. Its very sweet that you made this for your friend even though you dont even like mango cake!

  3. @ Paula: Yes!! YES!! We shall conquer all the buttercream, whipped cream in this world...!!

    @ Mandy: Thank you so much... For those several hours, I grudgingly asked my friend "why mango? why mango? why mango?" But this goes to show, bakers don't always get to choose what they bake! :)

  4. Wow, this looks super moist and so good! My kids would flip for this. Heck, we all would. I avoid frosting at all costs. I would much rather sprinkle some powdered sugar on a cupcake or cake and call it a day. Lovely blog you have here :)

  5. @ Dee: Thank you Dee, I'm following yours (blog) closely! Same, I'd rather not have frostings, but the world demands it necessary! (it does complete your cake, one way or the other, like powdering a beautiful face)

  6. Wow! I would love to dig into this cake right away!! The close-up shot is even more tempting ;-)

  7. Oh, that looks delightful!

  8. @ easyfoodsmith: Thank you! I'd share one with you if you were my neighbour! :p (you'd have to share yours too or i might just steal some...)

    @ movita: thank you! your chocolate zucchini bread looks scrumptious!


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