07 April 2013

Chinese Almond Cookies

Dear Cheap Labounie Shoes,

I would like to thank you for your persistent out-of-context comments. Realising that this may just be my problem in the level of intelligence, i took the courage and consulted my girlfriends. As if had a head triple the size of an alien, they stared at me outrageously. After about 45 minutes of torment on my pride,  they kindly acknowledged my stupidity and told me that your comments were purely spams.  Despite my doubt that you are a can of spiced ham, i decided that your persistence deserves a definitive answer in order for us both to move on.

I politely decline.


This recipe was long due. About 2 month long. And from this, i learn one special lesson. A lesson i'll always remember to tell my children about.
Never underestimate laziness. 

This was why my soap dispenser took months to refill. (i leave the rest to your imagination)
And why we all have "hot pockets" in our pantry.
 Nevertheless, let me introduce you to my cousin "Emily". She has just begun falling in love with photography. And to be honest, she's already better than me. More photographs from her in the future (cross your fingers!)

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