Almost All About Jes

Heya, my name is Pencil, surname Kitchen or you may call me Jes. 

This is my war zone to let out my steam, my bull and my guts. I swear I'm nicer in person, until about 10 minutes in. If i didn't already make a sarcastic joke, I am probably disinterested.

I'm a quiet morning person, if only you knew the time zone setting on this blog (which i do not know). I find that when i bake, it's just me and the mixing bowl and it's probably the best time you could ask for favors.

I'm a self-taught baker-wannabe with some serious food critics around (it's not my cakes, its them). But I'm planning to improve.

Lastly, I love receiving comments (I do a little dance every time. To see the full dance, you'd need to comment more). Anywho, welcome to Pencil Kitchen, let's be friends and I hope you enjoy!


Ps: When I get emotionally unstable, I change my "Almost All About Jes" page. So keep clicking in. 


  1. halo..., Jesica
    your recipes are great...
    thanks for posting them.

    Btw, I'm Edwin. ^^
    hope you can provide more delicious cake's recipes.

  2. Jes, with your photography skill and your talent for baking, you should consider writing a book :) I always enjoy reading your blog and looking at the pictures. I'm not a good baker. Actually, I suck at anything that involves being in the kitchen. So, it's always comforting to look at your creations somehow, knowing that someone is good at what I'm not. Don't ever give this up. It seems like this is where your passion lies. You're blessed to have found it :)


  3. Hi Jes,my name is sabrina sue and I just started my blog on
    and you have been my first comment (pillow cookies). You should have seen my little dance:-)
    By the way your blog is wonderful and I love your recipes.

  4. Jes, this is a great blog! I'm glad you stopped by mine and left me a message, so that I could find this! Your baking skills look so amazing, and your photography is gorgeous. Here's hoping we can be comment buddies, so that we can all do happy dances! :)

  5. Dearest jes, what a lovely blog. Go ahead, dance, you deserve it. I'm not a much of a cook, so I rely on the Internet to help me find recipes with the ingredients I have on board. I found yours by looking for a chocolate cake and mangos recipe. Lovely recipe... Amazing photos. thank you.

    Floating around Mexico aboard sv Ashika

  6. Loving your blog! Such an amazing eye for photography!

    An award from me to you! Have a read:

  7. Hai Jess,

    Resep2 dan foto2nya bagus deh, sukaaa banget :) Resep2 lo ga pasaran, ngebuat gue pengen nyobain hampir semuanya. Dan gue takjub waktu tau lo masih muda banget (dibanding gue), ih gue umur segitu kayaknya baru bisa bikin lasagna aja hahaha... Nah elo udah bisa bikin macem2, aku maluuu :P

    Anyway, keep writing and shooting more photos, love them! :)


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