10 March 2014

Strawberry Sandwich (Wha..? No way!)

It has been so long that it felt like I forgot how to write to you guys. Half an hour later, I decided it's best to just bear my heart. It hasn't been easy, will never be easy, to change. To align yourself to your surrounding, to mould yourself to someone else's theories and to change. "Difficult" does not even cut it close. How then, do you keep your self? 
Fortunate for some of us, if you have some berries, a scoop of ice cream, tablespoon of sugar and a pinch of cinnamon, it might just reenergise you for your battles tomorrow. That was how this sandwich came to be. Some self-healing.

03 February 2014


Its been more than half a month since I have posted anything. I, too, feel really sad (if some misses me). It has been the longest transition period of my life. No, I have not stopped baking. But i have stopped taking pictures and posting. Due to lack of my old props that I've collected, and due to lack of better lighting.

I really do hope to post as soon as I can. And I can only hope for your patience. :)

Love you guys,
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