28 August 2012

Cheese Loaf Bread - Birthday Post

You might be wondering. A bread for birthday? No, we had cakes but i baked bread and there were birthdays.

25th & 26th were both my girlfriends' birthdays. They are my special people and that's all needed to be said. So happy birthday, you two. After knowing you for 20 years, I believe i'll still strive my best to give you a surprise birthday!
I took the recipe from Clockwork Lemon (a recipe I have wanted to try for so long), used Cheese instead and voila.

18 August 2012

Milo Pound Brownie Cake

"You're almost there. 2.8km", the board writes.
We glanced at one another amongst our group, as if a ritual before the war. It wasn't a question, really, nor a suggestion. We knew we had to start running. 
From our relaxed attitude, it was obvious this wasn't our first run. Run the first 0.2km, then, run the last 0.4km and run whenever a teacher is at sight. Those were the rules. And from experience, be aware that a teacher jogs along with the very last runner.

But here's the catch. At the end of the 3.2km race, you'd be offered a cold cup of Milo and a long queue to the loo.
This was how Milo came into a hormonal-pimpled-rebelious-teenager's life who now has owwies in her teeth because she sleeps with a spoonful of milo-slash-nutella in her mouth.
The name is Milo. I am beautiful chocolate and ovaltine malty made better. I taste best when half-sticky or coating the surface of cold milk.

04 August 2012

Pandan Kaya Bread Pudding

You see, when you start working, everything becomes a little harder to get through. Especially for a boring person such as myself. 

So you fatten yourself up, preparing for the long hibernation we call "Holiday". Holidays for me (reminder: boring person) is to sleep, eat mac & cheese, occasionally dragged out of the room for hygiene purposes and movies. Oh, and of course popcorns. 
I would of course refuse to get my hands on baking, with a determination equal to that of an addicted hippie holding a roll of weed swearing to quit after one last round.

Unfortunately, no, I do not smoke weed because I'm a boring person.
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