25 July 2012

Chocolate Banana Muffin

This early morning, as my sister woke wearily from her bed and I have finally readied my face for public scrutiny, I said to her 
"I'm growing an afro."
A look of annoyance, then... a cold shoulder. 
"Really!! Look!!" 
Tucking my head as low as possible, I shoved the crown of my head to her face. Popping out, was a twirling little...you know, hair.
My sister isn't the type to wake up happy, or nice, or you know... kind. Despite the strand of hair celebrating its ridiculous number of twirls, conquering the crown of my head, announcing the possibility of an afro in the coming of my adulthood, not a creak of smile wavered from the tip of my sister's lips. 

At this point, convincing her of my afro mutation was futile. I plan to try it out during her birthday when she is in a better mood. The possibilities are slim, nevertheless, I'm not one to give up easily. 
"Good luck"
she is not humored.

15 July 2012

Tres Leche Cake - Birthday Post

Dear 30-year-old me,
In the afternoons that you think back about me (hopefully a girl less awkward than you are now), what will you recall? Will you remember the times you tried using "the force" and was caught focusing to move a piece of paper? Or will you recall the time when 5 horses had to wait whilst you negotiate with Ms Celestine to stop eating the grass?

You've been through a lot, Ms 30-year-old. Mostly, involving moments you wish you had wiser judgement, better yet, you wish you had MIB's neuralyzer. You also wish that your friends had informed you about laughing like a black boar gasping for air. Or pulling off a green afro or cat ears.
However, Ms 30-year-old, these awkward moments are moments you should cherish. They are the moments you are at ease, moments you let go of your guard and moments when you are truest to yourself. You share these moments with people who won't leave you despite your "reasonable" nature or your 3 layers of tummy fat.

Then, there are other moments. These are the moments you regret. They are moments when you lie to yourself (convincing yourself that 3 slices of cake is rational). Moments you sacrifice others for yourself. These are moments you should have to pay for but you were let off with kindness. These are the moments to guide you. 

08 July 2012

Guest Post: Mrs Ferguson

One of the things I look forward to, aside from coffee and new bedsheets, would be e-mails. One in particular is Mrs Ferguson's. I remember that picture of a Carrot Bundt Cake, I was charmed. Her unique photography style leaves you wanting more and turns you into a stalker. Her creativity keeps you at your toes, reminding you of human evolution. Please take a look at her Gotye Duck (I want this as a hairpin and possibly everything else around me). 

Unfortunately, that's not all there is to Mrs F. Talent is but only a small part of her you're going to adore. With Mrs F, subjects range from Sherlock Holmes to the extinction of ants. Describing her as "Interesting" is an understatement. A ball of wit, no, a gem of inspiration.

Keeping her all to myself is anything but selfish. However, for the greater good of the world, I shall introduce her to you. Please do visit her blog here

Hello there. My name is Diana and I run the blog Mrs Ferguson. I love everything crafty and sweet and funny. I live in Budapest, Hungary and I'm the proud owner of two adorable adopted animals, Theodore the ginger cat and Macesz the derpest dog ever. I started the blog because I was inspired by all those amazing things I saw on Pinterest and such, and wanted to be part of this family. I know I'm a very small fish - which I told Jesi when she asked me to do this guest post, but she wanted to do it anyway -, but I've had some amazing experiences already, and even if for nothing else, but getting to know this lovely, crazy duck-hating lady was well worth it.
Oh, and I AM the cheekiest monkey of all.
J: So, why "Mrs Ferguson"? Can't believe I've never asked this.
D: I'd like to think it's kind of a homage to Craig Ferguson and Stephen Fry rather than just plain stalking. :) I love their wit and intelligence. And I adore the fact that though highly sophisticated and smart, they still find fart jokes funny.The short answer would be: I have a creepy old man crush on Craig Ferguson. Plus Fluffy the Unicorn was already taken.

J: We all have got one of those (Hugh Laurie here). Speaking of which, if you end up a big shot hollywood photographer, what would you work on?
D: I don't know if anyone ever did something like this, but I would really like to see a campaign featuring celebrities without any enhancement. No make-up, no hair extensions, no photoshop, in a simple white tshirt and jeans. I love spontaneous photos and minimalistic style, too. And animals. 
J: This is actually an awesome idea, but scary...
D: Can you imagine Lady Gaga in jeans, chucks and a white tank top with her natural hair in a ponytail? Such a perverted image.

J: (Laughs) Imaging Desperate Housewives crew and Sex and the city ladies.
J: How did you recognize your talent in crafting and photographing?
D: You're just too nice, people will be dissapointed if they come to check out my blog. :D I don't know, there hasn't really been a big milestone or anything. I've always loved photography, I used to waste a lot of rolls of film when I was little running around our garden taking pictures of snails on the concrete. Plus my paternal grandfather who died long before I was born was also a big photography aficionado so I inherited many photos and old cameras from him. Maybe not having a chance to actually know him made me interested in the things he liked. He was crafty, too. And I always loved the little craft projects in kindergarten and elementary. 

J: What about baking?
D: For the baking... I guess loving to eat up all things sweet gave me a big push. :) But I think for me it started the other way around. First I got interested in food photography which led me to the preparing part. Plus the cooking channel.
J: Yes! The cooking channels, your other creepy crush for Jamie Oliver.
D: Come on! He's awesome! And those baby blue eyes..

J: (Laughs) I prefer green after all.. What about your humour and wit?
D: For the humour...I guess I was just born this way.:D I remember when I was about 12 or so I used the watch a taped show on VHS of a Hungarian late comedian, G√ąza Hofi, almost every afternoon after school. He was intelligent, wise and piss-your-pants funny. 
J: I was watching Mr. men everyday.. Do you ever get in trouble with that humour?
D: Hmm... I won't say trouble, but sometimes after I say something sarcastic and people don't get it I just end up looking like an idiot. 

J: I feel your pain.. I feel you... sobs* It gets lonely when they don't get your jokes.. Whats your inspiration?
D: Everything. A photograph. A song. A good movie or a TV show. Nature. The Internet. A crack in the pavement. Anything. 
J: Such an artist... I would love to see through your eyes just for one day... 

05 July 2012

Strawberry Custard Tart

They're either people you'd love or people you'd hold a grudge with. 

I went to a reputable saloon a few nights ago. I was excited. I was anxious. After directing the lady very specifically, she began prepping my hair. And that moment her hands touched my hair, I apologized to my previous hairdresser.

As she combed pulled my hair like you would to feathers of a chicken, ignoring the constant clicks of my impatient tongue, I knew I was in deep mumbo jumbo.

Then the first cut.
I stared at the mirror.
(scissors snapped) "Wait a second." 
(scissors snapped) "No.. no.. That wasn't 2 inches."
I sit there, my hair as a hostage. As the scissors continued its path of destruction, from the corner of my eye, on the floor, lay my hair 4 maybe 5 inches long. 
(scissors snapped) "you..."
(scissors snapped) "you..."
(scissors snapped) "F*ck you bitch!!!"
"F*ck.... (scissors snapped) you..."

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