27 May 2012

Grapes Breakfast Cake

Back when I was studying, my cousin had a habit of cooking up snacks to prep me for my exams. Then, she would knock on my door (occasionally shocked to see the state of my well-being) and wish me "all the best". Hours later, as I walk out the exam hall, I would receive an enthusiastic message from her asking how i did.
As time goes, I started to miss these little things. So, I'll be passing on this sweet habit to all of you.

This cake is a tribute to examinees, particularly those who are "winging" it and those who are caught dancing to Billy Jean with a neon colored head band and drum sticks made of crumpled lecture notes (definitely not me).

Its a simple Breakfast cake. Not too sweet or sour, not too dense or light. Perfect for exams and fricking delicious.

22 May 2012

Bread And Butter Pudding

Amongst the lines of family visits and many more dinners, I managed to wiggle into my tiny skirt which isn't tiny at all (They're a tad smaller than those required to fit The Hulk). After jumping, rolling and with the help of holding my breath, I defeated the tiny skirt. This means I could have a whole pot of Bread and Butter pudding to myself. It seemed like a good idea.

Once again, please head on over to Pencil Kitchen's facebook page.
Bread and butter pudding. Its bread spread with butter baked in a smooth soft custard pudding. And for the boozy lovers, a very rum sauce.
And have you had bread butter pudding cold before? Let sit in the fridge overnight and you have yourself a cold dessert for summer.
The original recipe was Nigella Lawson's Croissant Pudding. However, one of my house rules is to never leave a croissant to stale. So I used leftover raisin bread. Raisin breads are originally sweeter than croissants or white breads, so I reduced the sugar by 1 tbsp but the above recipe is for white/wheat breads. And this recipe is by far the best bread butter pudding i've ever had. Not to forget, the very Rum sauce, I assure you, addictive.
Need a new skirt to contain all these awesomeness,

18 May 2012

Milk Tea and Aged Wooden Board

Recently, Blogger has deleted all my pictures. (GASP)
Yes, ALL my pictures. In an instant, all my posts turned into an Alien invaded corn field.
Secondly, I've finally obtained that level of self-destruction and decided that I'm cool enough to create a facebook page. Please go over and like it so I feel loved. Needy, i know.
After the previous wooden board tutorial, I was barely satisfied. I wanted more. I wanted to have an antique feel. I wanted to age the wood. And since aged wood are not very much available for a decent price, I had to faux it.

What you will need:
White Paint
Black Paint
Darker/Lighter shade of Paint to the wooden board color
Brown Paint (suitable shade to the wooden board)
A bristled Paintbrush (Rough brush)
1. After creating your wooden board, what you need is to create shadows or highlights to the board. In this case, a darker shade of the color of board (lighter if your board is dark painted). On about 1/3 area of each plank, paint with the darker/lighter shade. Be random to look natural. Do not paint rectangular shades. 
2. Darken the Edges and corners of each plank This will create a worn-out-in-the-sun look.
3. On the black edges and on areas that will be over used, paint quick white strokes. With a rough bristled paint brush, you can create the natural cracked effect. (Always start with small amounts of paint. You can touch up when its not enough)
4. Lastly, use a brown shade that is suitable for the color of your board (I chose mustard brown for purple) and paint very little areas of the board that will be MOST used. It will give the almost-chipped effect to the board. 

5. Let dry and remember, woods are very forgivable. If it looks horrible right after painting, give it a chance to dry up. It will come together soon enough. 
By "popular" demand, like 4, here are "Milk Tea Sachets". When I checked, I realized most of them are made here in asia. If you see one of these in your local chinese store, purchase it and give it a try. They're delicious. But for homemade milk tea, here's how we have it.

Homemade Milk Tea
1 tea bag (Black Tea preferably)
1 1/2 cups water
3 tbsp Condensed milk (or more if you like it sweet)
1. In boiling water, drop in the tea bag and stir until preferred depth of color (I like it tense).
2. In your preferred mug, pour in the condensed milk then add the hot tea.

Traditionally, the condensed milk is left at the bottom of the mug so that we can choose how much of it we would like to mix into the tea. However, with milk tea sachets, all you need is hot water and some milk if you prefer a more milky taste.
Cookie Pants up,

10 May 2012

Chocolate Mousse Pie with Peanut Butter Fudge Sauce

It's momsie's birthday.

I'm lucky that way, mom's birthday is always close to Mother's day. Meaning, I get to save a hundred bucks more than you every year. (might be the reason for my "success").

I was stumped for this post, people. I have no clue how to write for my mom. Then, I thought of what I do best, baking.
When I think of my mom, I wouldn't think of a rainbow cake or a cheesecake, I wouldn't think of a 3-tier cake with lilies or daisies, I wouldn't think of a cake at all. A Pie. But no, not an apple pie. She's funkier. She's addictive, she keeps you on your toes. Then, just when you think you got her figured out, she splashes you with a layer of crazy.

This pie is amazing. The chocolate mousse is healthy and light but dark and bitter. Topped with a crazy chocolate peanut butter fudge sauce, enveloped by a flaky crispy crust. That's how she is, obviously amazing yet still holds surprises at every corner.
To Momsie: I love you the way I loved you 10 years ago. I thank you the way I've thanked God for you. I'd cry and grab your feet when you leave the way I did back then. Happy Birthday and may you grow younger this year the way you did last year.

06 May 2012

Wooden Board and Strawberry Jam Granola

You know how all the cool bloggers have those cool boards in their cool photographs and their cool personalities? (you know who) I'm obviously jealous, I mean, how unfair can life get! They're not only beautiful human beings, they're great bakers, have a good supply of mason jars and have cool wooden boards! Come on! So let's kick them in the butt and show them what the little people can do.
Homemade Wooden Board
Enough wooden planks for size desired. + 2 
Wood glue
Desired paint color
1. Align planks to check for fit. Making sure the 2 planks used for glueing at the bottom is long enough.
2. Take out one plank at the end and glue that one first. 
3. Parallel to the first plank, glue the rest of the planks accordingly, making sure to leave enough gap for weather expansion/contraction.
4. Leave for one hour where glue is most wet then, stack weighing objects on top of the planks. Set aside overnight. (It's good to do this on a free area)
5. Mix some water paint with water. This is so that the paint doesn't over-coat the wood. We want some of that wood texture to surface.
6. Pain another coat if needed for depth. Set aside overnight
I painted the planks with a shade of grey before painting it with the Tosca paint. A mixture of dark blue, sky blue, dark green, light green, dark purple and violet. As you can see, i was desperate.
 Voila! Tell me, did i or did i kick butts?
If that didn't hurt their butts enough, I'm serving ya'll with a great granola recipe.

02 May 2012

Milk Tea Muffins

What happens is, when you're a coffee person but your Mr isn't, you compromise. So I started drinking milk tea with coffee. Guess what, it's addictive. 
Of course, I had to make milk tea goodies. For this, you would need Instant Milk Tea Sachets. Your favorite brand. 
Recipe from Epicurious adapted for the milk tea version.
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