23 December 2011

Pink Ombre Layer Cake - Another Birthday Post

 Happy Birthday, Christina.

To be honest, when I first came back after my time abroad, I was afraid. Afraid how I would settle in, afraid of what's different and what's new, afraid how i need to re-connect with my "old" friends.

 They were the people I spend my every days with. We'd be in school together, have our lunch together, shop together and hang out every weekend together. However, as I left for my commerce degree, we started to grow apart. The years I've missed are the very years they needed someone. The years I was away were the very years our characters were built. We've changed. I've changed.
Yet, as gentle as they were, it was as if i've never left. They welcomed me. No awkwardness, no ice breakers, no need for hugs or tears, it was just the way it has been and should be. 

Specially to C. We've confide in each other, we've shared our moments, played mean pranks to one another (maybe that's just her), embarrass one another (again, just her) and had too much fun and laughs (maybe just me).

As she goes through her toughest points in life alone, I could only bit my lips and curse the people who made it hard for her. But not anymore. C, amongst the presents and cakes you've received today, my utmost present for you is. 
"A true friend is one who stays through trials of deserts and storms"

11 December 2011

Marbled Cinnamon Ginger Almond Loaf Cake

Realising the arrival of December was a shock to me. No matter how much i've prepared for these last 4 weeks of 2011, I could never comprehend how my time went by. How did Christmas creep up so soon? Did i fulfill all the goals i've aimed for during this time last year? What will be my new goals then?

Once these questions popped, my thoughts were  in disarray and my heart begins to beats like an R&B song. I was worried, I was afraid, I was excited. And my eyes were blinking in jitters as if it was trying to replay what it has captured.

I thought about everything that happened. All the memories i should keep (because it tends to auto-delete), all the memories i should let go of. This year was a year of transition for me. Graduating from my Bachelor's degree, moving back to where i grew up, where i was born, working an office job, and revamping my blog to what it is now. I went though fearsome events, surprising events, remorseful events and happy joyous events.Going through all that change is never easy. I have a lot to forgive and forget, a lot more to be forgiven for and most of all to be thankful for. 
One of the most amazing joyous events I have went through, is how I improved my baking skills. I went through angel food cake, macaroons, cinnamon rolls, 6-layer cakes, rainbow cake, flaky crusts, swiss rolls and  mousse cakes. I now know what's creaming the butter, what's "mixing it like crazy" and what's "do not over mix". So, why not put that to use?

I'm not a big fan of ginger, how it tastes and how it smells. However, i'm the biggest fan of Gingey the gingerbread man (and i means "biggest" literally). Hence, when media shows its victory (once again) as i purchase this $25 can of ginger cookies, which i don't adore, i had to put it to use.

Immediately, pound cake came to my mind. I've never made one before and never succeeded in making cakes with that buttery, soft, yet dense texture. As far as my baking adventurist goes, I had to make one. Hence, when i saw this at Technicolor kitchen, I knew it was perfect for me. There wasn't too much ginger and the play of Almond with spices intrigued me.

06 December 2011

Brownies - Birthday Post

Growing up, I've never spent a birthday without being in tears. The day is always full of self-pitying and self-self-self. By the time I reached 18 years old, I despised it. I hated making a big thing out of such a day.With facebook and iCloud and iCal, there are hundreds of people to wish birthdays to. Birthdays are no longer as "special" as it seems. 

Out of the 500 friends you have on facebook, how many times do you actually wish "Happy Birthday" genuinely? But even then, I still couldn't comprehend, why people thrive their hardest to make someone else's birthday so special. What if you don't get the similar effort in return? What if you end up being alone in the bathroom, in tears? 

Being such an extremist about this subject came with consequences. I was bound to be proven wrong. And I was. As though my whole view of birthdays were crushed. All of a sudden, I could comprehend, staying up for hours into the dawn to complete a project, taking out ingredients before the rooster's crow to bake. (Of course there was no roosters involved). But this goes to show that... there ARE people, you would be irrational for. Their smiles are already a sufficient gift in return. So, Happy 20th  Birthday to Yz! Thank you for being the person you are. I truly hope that I will not miss your next birthday and the birthdays to come. I wish that you stay smiling always :)

Now, onto the recipe. Many people love brownies. If they were any less sinful, it would be our staple food. However, there are a few types of brownies. Fudgy, Cakey and Chewy. You can tell from these pictures, the recipe I played around with resulted in a cakey/chewy type of brownies. However, there's good news. If you want it fudgy, just take them out of the oven earlier. However, if you want to go all out fudgy, I reckon you look for a different recipe :) (Personally, I'm the chewy type of brownie girl).

03 December 2011

Cream Cheese Infused Cinnamon Roll Dough, filled with Gula Merah (Dark Palm Sugar), Choc Chips and Apple Bits.

There are usually lots of things on my mind. Aside from being a female and as occupied as that already is, I tend to think even more. I think ahead and as far as that goes, i forget whats right in front. Hence, when someone told me that metabolism rate increases with the work of your brains (aka thoughts), I would have to politely scoff.

With that amount of brain-work, comfort food, dessert bingeing and random tubs of ice cream nights are mostly necessary rather than an inability to control (maybe not but its a good excuse). The only problem is when these cravings necessities affect the people around you.

Because, sweeties from all around the globe, when you're on your baking experiments, (and seeing as how delicious your works of art are) people eat. When people eat, they gain weight. When they gain weight, they blame people. Who else to blame but the person who thinks "hmm, chocolate with chocolate would taste great" (they are a match made in heaven by the way). 

You might then question yourself, "but we eat the same goodies as well or even more". Good news for all of us, we may have gotten used to it! Yay! So, let's get down to business. 

Recently, as much a craze I have for chocolate, I have been addicted to using Dark Palm Sugar or Gula Merah (translation for Red Sugar in Bahasa Indonesia). This sugar easily melts at body temperature. When baked, it turns into a nice browned crisp with a gooey inside and of course, the smell is just intoxicating. Surprisingly, unlike how it seems, it is  not as sweet as our usual white sugar. 

I added plenty amounts of dark chocolate chips just to give it that bitter cocoa bite. I have apple bits in there as well, after all, they're cinnamon's best friend. However, i keep the fillings to personal choice. Instead, I'm here to introduce this amazing Cream Cheese infused Cinnamon Roll Dough by Joy the Baker
For clearer instructions, please visit her link, they're much better looking as well.
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