23 October 2011

Cheddar Cheese Cookies

There are always a few recipes which would remind you of old times. Today, I'd like to share with you one of mine. As a kid, I was the odd one out to pursue kitchen-work. Hence, my baking endeavours were limited to cornflake cookies, chocolate cheese mousse cups, checkerboard cake, ice cream cake and failed Sacher torte. (Ambitious much, at 13 years of age?) - Nobody told me to start out with the basics.
It was difficult, when the environment I was in do not support baked goods or western cakes. Hence, baking was seen as a pile of cleaning rather than an anticipation. Fortunately, when I was in Australia, I stayed with a family who appreciated baked-goods and the friends around me are always amazed by that little ability i have.
Thus, I baked, day and night, midnight and ungodly hours, I baked. Soon, little paper pouches with ribbons, cupcake moulds and fancy containers were often received well. Then, these treats came. The first time I baked these was @ 3 am for an early class. 
I made 4 -5 pouches and was shockingly received well. Ever since, my girl friends and the family I was staying with would occasionally ask me when I would bake them again. However, due to the heavy kneading labour required, (not to forget we all hate repeating the same recipe over & over again) I seldom baked these cookies.
Now that I'm back where I started, I reminisced the times when eyes glittered upon seeing my hand with a container full of goodies. In addition, the new processor made this SUPER easy.

Cheddar Cheese Cookie

1 cup plain flour
2 tbsp self raising flour
125 g butter at room temp
125 g grated Cheddar
2 tbsp parmesan (or any other cheese)
a pinch cayenne (or paprika)
1 tbsp lemon
a pinch of salt

(Original method)
1. Sift flours, cayenne and salt in a bowl.
2. Cut butter in small squares. Rub the flour and butter together (breadcrumb texture)
3. Add the grated cheese and continue combining until dough is smooth.
4. Add lemon to soften the dough. 
5. Roll into a 38 cm cylinder and wrap with plastic before refrigerating for at least 3 hours.
6. Take dough out from the refrigerator and cut 4mm slices and bake on a sheet pan at 170 celsius for 15 minutes.

(Food processor method)
1. Place all ingredients into the food processor.
2. Blend until a dough is formed.
3. Roll into a 38 cm cylinder and wrap with plastic before refrigerating for at least 3 hours.
4. Take dough out from the refrigerator and cut 4mm slices and bake on a sheet pan at 170 celsius for 15 minutes.
Easy huh,

Note: Addition of paprika and lemon juice is important to leave a fresh aftertaste so that the cheese doesn't overpower our tastebuds. Con: makes you want one more!


  1. One of the benefits of being friends with someone who enjoys baking is a stead supply of delicious treats. I love a savoury biscuit, great recipe Jesica.

  2. This sounds amazing!!!
    I love savory cookies, so I'm sure I'll love these.

  3. @ Mandy: Hence, i would love to be your neighbour/friend!!

    @ Rachel: Thank you for visiting! I'd give you a bag anytime.

  4. I would love to have u as a friend too!

  5. I just want to grab the cookies from the screen! Fabulous!

  6. @ bake5: thank you! send me your baked goodies! :)

    @ Anh: I laughed imagining that! your blog looks gorgeous!

  7. I love the picture of the cookies in the jar! Soooooo pretty! :)

  8. I made similar cookies awhile ago - the savoury cheesy flavour is just wonderful, isn't it?

  9. @ Paula: I find the white one pretty, but everyone else says the black one is better. T_T

    @ leaf: it is, wonderful! :)

  10. I'ts so nice to meet you, thanks for dropping by my blog...
    These cookies look fantastic!

  11. Wow! Great idea for a savory cookie, I love that you sprinkled some cayenne in there. Mmmm!

  12. @ peachkins: Thank you for poking back. :p

    @ Lauren: Thank you! I didn't sprinkle, I think I poured, or chugged.... ;)

  13. I love cheese crackers. There is nothing better than homemade crackers!

  14. @ Jennifer: Thank you for visiting back! Indeed, cheese crackers never fail to entertain... :)

  15. This is a really interesting recipe. It's similar to cheese straws, which I love - I'll have to give your version a try. Great photos, and really the entire blog is great. Glad I discovered it. Thanks.

  16. These look simple and delicious! I have all this cheddar cheese I've been meaning to use up. I've been wanting to make crackers with them and these look really yummy. Btw, I'm not sure if you are aware, but I got an error while trying to subscribe to your rss feed.

  17. Cheese cookies are yummy....I add chilli flakes instead of cayenne...gives it a speckled look, and tells you in advance when you're going to bite into some heat! Yours looks absolutely gorgeous!

  18. @ Kitchen Riffs: Thank you! :) Glad you stopped by.....

    @ Kirbie: I'm a tech idiot.... I think i've solved the issue... Thank you for wanting to subscribe though :) you made my day!

    @ To Food with Love: hmm... So, its polite to tell people what they're biting into :p I'm the type to shock them by hiding a mount of wasabi....

  19. LOVE LOVE LOVE Cheesey Cookies!!!!!!!!!!

  20. @ vanillalemonade: then you would love these ! cuz its CHEESEY!

  21. aw i love the recipe jess! i do...

  22. @ Ira: Its simple and super cheesy isn't it :)

  23. I would definitely make these, i love cheddar!

  24. @ Elena: I'll support you on that! :) tell me how it turns out!

  25. I LOVE that first picture! Anyway, sorry I called these crackers. They are clearly cookies. :) I think they're better bigger. That way I can tell myself I'm only allowed 3 or so. When they're tiny, I think, "Eh, they're so small. I can eat 30." That never ends well. Such beautiful pictures. :)

  26. @ Texanerin: I love that first one too! :) The worse part is that... i had 30... haha...

  27. I've made them, were a hit! Thank you for posting! Here are the pics:) http://eileen-cuisine.blogspot.com/2011/11/biscuiti-din-branza-cheddar.html

  28. @ Elena: They look great!!! :)

  29. Wow! I am so going to bake these delicious looking cookies!

  30. Wow. My mother would make these for parties when I was growing up. I remember them well. Now I have to make some!


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