08 September 2011

To do list.

On my to-bake list (not in order):

1. Macaroon - All bakers should conquer their fears. Plus I've simply been procrastinating.
2. Angel food cake - Failing once (on chiffon)  (wheeeeeeeee)
3. Chiffon - because of the above.
4. Chocolate chip cookie - that i would consider a success. (I finished writing a post about my success in chocolate chip cookie, all's left is to actually succeed in it)
5. Banana bread - Fluffy (anyone has a good recipe for this? I want bread texture instead of cake texture)
6. Sweet & heavy muffin - (When my mom leaves and nobody at home has a secret fetish for fluffy food)
7. Savory pie - any ideas?
8. Apple pie - once again, that i would consider a success.

Added: Macaroon (2nd time) that would be considered not-a-whoopie-pie.

On my to-do list:
9. To draw the following lady bug on my own hands. (This was my sister's. After seeing my popcorn nail, she wanted one. However, 10 popcorns will be too "glamorous", so she asked me to draw other designs, except she forgot to say "draw compatible designs".) -- she hated the ladybug because it has weird eyes.

(mostly from cutepolish)

Try it,


  1. I want to conquer the macaron as well! And angel food cake...once I get up the courage to use that many egg whites at once.

  2. Me too!!! such a waste of them eggs when they fail... let's conquer them!!

  3. Macarons are on my list as well! I made them once and they turned out delicious but I overbaked them a tiny bit so my meringue cookies were not the lovely soft texture in the middle that a maracon should be.
    So you want to make a Banana Yeast bread, not a quick bread. Good idea! Can't wait to see how that turns out!

  4. its always on everyone's lists.. We should have a macaroon week!

  5. aw i so feel your pain! my macaron success rate is something like 3/5, and i quit when i was ahead. also the two failures were my last two, and i don't yet have the heart to try them again. still though these look yummy. i would eat them!

  6. @ a. maren: Laughed so hard when you said "quit when i was ahead"... I will do anything to find out what went wrong... i doubt i can blame the weather too many times..

  7. I'm too scared to try a macaron! And in cooking, being willing to try something new is half the battle. I say you won regardless ;) Thanks for stoppin by my site-glad you enjoy!

  8. Hmmm I have a really yummy blueberry and banana bread recipe...but it's more cake like than bread like.

  9. @ Lauren: If you don't mind, you can share it with me :) although i might not make it well


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