11 September 2011

Macaroon with XO Chocolate Ganache filling.

This would be a short post. Reason being: my macaroon didn't turn out beautiful. As all bakers would know, when you spend 5-6 hours of hard work just to have things end up wrong. For example, when you crossed your fingers as you turn over your chiffon/Angel food cake just to find that half of it was stuck in the pan, or when you baked a pie to realise the crust was soggy and just distasteful, or in this case, have your worst fears come true. That is, following the recipe and every other tip to the letter does not always mean it will work out. But we shall not give up, so get prepared for MANY MORE failed macaroons on the way.

At this point of time, I realised it would be a mid-success. It was never a problem with how it tastes, Macaroons are a piece of art. When I saw (camped hugging my knee watching the macaroons in the oven) how my macaroons have no feet (feet is the crack at the side of the macaroons), i knew it went wrong somewhere. 

As we all always do, we blame something. I blame the humid weather. Emboite (chose it over Tartletteblog.com because it contains much lesser sugar) says the more humid the weather, the harder for the layer of shell to form. Guess what, it didn't form at all... I was suspicious of over-beating it as well as the crust not forming even after resting for 1 hour (It was raining)

Hence, looking like Whoopie pies. Pulling myself together, i grade it a C because any lower wouldn't do the ganache any justice (i used Tartelette's ganache recipe).
Rock on, 


  1. They still look delish!

    Macarons are REALLY intimidating to me. Kudos for attempting them. You are braver than I am!


  2. I have yet to even attempt macaroons because I know how hard they can be. Even if these didn't turn exactly as you'd hoped, I bet they were still delicious!

  3. They may not have turned out the way you wanted but I bet these tasted incredible. Well done for persevering, dont give up!

  4. @ Chrissy: Well... my fears came true :(

    @ Kathryn: I wanted to throw them out so bad but yes, it tasted good.. I'll definitely use Tartelette's recipe next.

    @ Mandy: I will make a second one... just wait.... till i recover from this.. :D

  5. It completely sucks when that happens and it happens to all of us at some point. One time I spent the better part of a day making chocolate truffles and they ended up tasting awful. There are just plain bad recipes out there. Just keep on truckin' and you'll eventually get it. At least they tasted good!

  6. Oh my goodness, these look absolutely delightful and the photos are beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I know I'll be back to see all of the gorgeousness that you whip up! ~Megan @ Wanna Be A Country Cleaver

  7. These may not have turned out exactly as you wanted but they still look yummy. I'd take some off your hands!

  8. Thank you! and I'm going to master this!! I PROMISE!!! ;p


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