22 January 2013

Cheese Bundt Chiffon Cake

Would you believe me if I had told you this was a very easy cake?
And if like normal people, you're a cheese lover, you might want to go crazy on the topping.
This is the second best way to get kids to love you. The first would be crispy fried chicken. Yea, i know how to get me some of that lurvin.
This recipe might surprise you but it'll get you some of that velvety smooth, melt-in-the-mouth, overly-cheesy cheese cake!

Ps: Ovalette is a stabiliser for chiffon cakes, you can substitute it with same amount of condensed milk. 


  1. Happy New Year Jes and I'm so happy that you're back in action. How's everything at your side? It's been too long my friend. Btw, don't think I ever made bundt chiffon cake with cheese. Dying to try this out ;). Now all I need is a new bundt pan. Stay in touch!!!! ♥ Jo

  2. First off Jesica, Welcome back! I missed you! AND I totally understand the 'slump' phase - it's all part of getting comfortable with the pace of blogging and finding one you can live with for a very long time. SECONDLY - I am totally making this (soon) - that cheese has me swooning but the texture has me REALLY swooning.

    Wonderful treat!

    chow! Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

    1. Tell me about it when you do make them :) I'll be drooling on my laptop (you know it!)

  3. It´s great to see a post again! Must try this, really. It sounds great!

  4. Nice blog, i like your awesome picture..

  5. Your back again, so nice. I'm happy to see your latest post.
    Just awesome.


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