31 March 2012

Basic Sourdough Bread - Peter Reinhart, The Baker's Apprentice. (Fail)

You see, I was never sure if i have talent or if i do produce good bakes or if Zeus existed. But, I'm sure the effort is worth points. And this is one of those times. 
This was my first attempt to the legendary sourdough bread. The bread adored by so many, starters cultivated and passed down through generations. My starter was yet a "starter". Despite accepting that this would very much affect the taste and quality of the bread, I hoped to at least get the texture down. 
However, the amount of hard work invested does not necessarily mean result. Sometimes, it just takes a few falls, experiences and set-backs. 
The hours i've spent for this baby was down the chute. I would rather not calculate. However, I'll take this failure dearly, to remind myself that when i do muster some courage to try this again, I would be sure to do it right.
Baking is never a "certainty". Of course, most of you have gotten it at the back of your hand but I'm still in between roads. Times like these reminds me why I love baking. It's not just because of the amazing world of goodies or the number of possibilities stemmed from the same ingredients but also because you'd never know it all. Baking is life. It makes you jump high in hurrah but it can make you bury your face in the pillow.
Plus, if you get your hands on one of these breads a la Jes, you'd use it as a weapon. It was so dense and heavy that it could break a glass. The crust was good though.

Failure isn't always bad,


  1. If at first you don't succeed, try again! The best successes come from trying, failing, then getting it right. Baking is an art but I have every confidence you'll be producing beautiful loaves before long :-)

    1. @ thelittleloaf: Thank you! you are so nice :)

  2. It took me a couple tries to do a sourdough--and then it kept changing on me, not always for the better. So although I love sourdough I went back to yeast breads for homemade. I guess I just wasn't passionate enough about it. Perhaps you will fare better if you keep trying.

    1. @ Art of natural living: It requires a lot of bravery on my part, to give it another try! But I would attempt it again. :) Or back to yeast breads!


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