28 August 2012

Cheese Loaf Bread - Birthday Post

You might be wondering. A bread for birthday? No, we had cakes but i baked bread and there were birthdays.

25th & 26th were both my girlfriends' birthdays. They are my special people and that's all needed to be said. So happy birthday, you two. After knowing you for 20 years, I believe i'll still strive my best to give you a surprise birthday!
I took the recipe from Clockwork Lemon (a recipe I have wanted to try for so long), used Cheese instead and voila.

Cheese Loaf Bread (adapted from Clockwork Lemon)
makes two 9x5" loaves
7 g instant yeast
15 g sugar
375 ml warm milk (comfortable for hand)
300 g bread flour
2 eggs
9 g salt
350 g bread flour (more if humid)
125 g butter at rm temp (cut in pieces)
50 g sugar
Cheese Filling
35 g butter at room temp
50 g mozzarella cheese cubed
50 g cheddar grated
a pinch of pepper

1: Make the Sponge
In a bowl, combine the sponge ingredients and stir until smooth. Cover with plastic and kitchen towel, leave at warm area for 30 minutes or until sponge doubles in volume.
2. Make the Dough
Add the eggs, salt, sugar and half of the flour to the sponge mixture. Knead in butter piece by piece, until all the butter has been incorporated. Add in remaining flour only as needed (depends on humidity of your climate), to produce a smooth and silky dough. Dough should feel smooth and satiny, not stiff. Knead thoroughly.
Place the dough in a lightly oiled bowl and cover with plastic and towel. Leave to rise and double for about 1.5 hours.
Meanwhile, make the filling by combining all filling ingredients together.
3. Shape the Loaves
Once dough has doubled, divide into 2 pieces. Roll each out into 25x35 cm rectangles. Spread half the filling mixture onto each rectangle and roll along the long side. 
Cut the log lengthwise, the open sides at the top, gently twirl both pieces into a braid.
Grease generously a loaf pan and let loaves rest in the pan covered with plastic and towel for 45-60 minutes until double in volume.
4. Bake the Loaves
Preheat oven at 350F / 175C. Bake for 40-50 minutes. If top of loaves become too dark, cover with aluminum and continue baking.
Remove from pan and let cool completely before slicing. The top is heavier, slicing while warm may squish the bread.  
Let's admire that softness....
making these again,


  1. Awesome!!! I know why I always come back to your blog.
    I love that bread and I have to try that recipe;-)

  2. Love that twist technique! Sounds like a great recipe.

  3. Nice birthday bread! Really good recipe. Love that bottom picture! Thanks for this.

  4. cheesy bread sounds so good right now! i'd love a slice (or the entire loaf :))

  5. What a gorgeous loaf!!! I can always use another great bread recipe - and this one is bookmarked!

  6. This bread would have me coming back and back again for more :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. oh wow, what a great bread, throw in some veggies and it's a meal :)

  8. Why not?! I love a good bread for my birthday breakfast! This looks fabulous. Sponge does make a difference to the bread, doesn't it? ;-))
    Have a relaxing weekend!

  9. This bread looks amazing. There are few things more perfect than a fresh loaf of homemade bread. I love all the cheese in here, too!

  10. I would love bread any day. Especially this stuff...YUM! Gorgeous pictures!

  11. Can I call this 'cloud bread'? Looks light, white and fluffy!

  12. This cheese bread looks amazing! And happy birthday to your friends! I think it's so inspiring that you've known your friends for twenty years. I actually have a couple best friends that I've known since I was four and I hope that I'll know them when I'm 25 too. And coincidentally, one of those friends would totally love this bread as a birthday present because she's not a huge fan of sweets. This cheese bread looks so fluffy and delicious.

  13. Oh, this looks so wonderful and delicious. And your pictures are amazing as usual!

  14. What a stunning loaf Jesica. I would love to make this one day soon. Your pics are gorgeous and you are such a good friend for making this for your friends :)

    chow! Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  15. Stunning loaf Jesica! I must make this soon - love everything about it :)

    Such a good friend you are for making this for your friends :)

    chow! Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  16. It's never only a bread, this one is delicious. And looks amazing as well :)

  17. The loaf is just baked to perfection and simply stunning! So fluffy too. Haven't heard from you in a while. Hopefully work is okay at your end and get to chat with you again over on Gmail. Btw, I may be coming to SGP soon again, maybe around Dec or earlier..Hehe. Well, take care now! xoxo, Jo

  18. Mmmm I love the idea of a cheesy bread. And this looks so fluffy too!

  19. What a beautiful loaf...It sounds wonderful and now that the weather is finally cool I would love to try it. Blessings, Catherine

  20. butter AND mozzarella AND cheddar inside bread? be still my heart!


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