13 January 2012

S'mores Pistachio Brownies

Its Chinese/Lunar New Years soon. Office in Chinatown = Craziness. I'm not a big fan of crowds, queuing, waiting, or standing up actually. But for one reason, I part the red sea. There it was, with its dark and thick scent of nutty sweetness roasted in black coal pebbles. It's chestnuts. Tis the season of chestnuts! And right beside them are these beautiful green gems. Pistachios. Tis the season of pistachios!
Indeed. Chinese New years bring out the best of snacks. We spend the past month (after christmas and new years) losing the extra pounds to fit in a chinese traditional dress only to gain two-fold of the weight back. Just to be safe, get a bigger Cheong Sam.

The roasted chestnuts didn't make it and i had to keep the pistachios away from the crazy wolves. Hence, whilst dreaming the day I can have a traditional campfire desert, I decided to bake up some s'mores (brownies style), with pistachios of course.

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